Mini Dental Implants of KC

Single Tooth Replacement

Mini Dental Implants are an excellent solution for replacing a single missing tooth.

Denture Stabilization

Mini Dental Implants allow you to  stabilize your existing dentures in one treatment visit.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Mini Dental Implants combined with traditional dental implants give you predictable results.

About Us

Meet Dr. Marengo & Dr. Sylvester

Our Mini Dental Implant Clinic is dedicated to providing the most up to date dental implant, cosmetic and family dentistry. Our Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry. We are among the most qualified implant providers in the USA with over 35 years of quality training and experience.


Our focus is on providing you with the revolutionary benefits of mini dental implant dentistry. This unique approach to modern dentistry offers new opportunities for individuals who have lost one or more teeth. For the first time with this minimally invasive procedure, we can replace missing teeth with implant supported cemented and/or removable restorations in as little as one visit, without the complications of major oral surgery and long healing times.

Olathe KS Dentist

Mini Dental Implant Centers of Kansas City is an Olathe, KS dentist. We are located in Olathe, KS and serve the areas of Kansas City, MO, Prairie Village, Kansas and Johnson County, Kansas.

Mini Dental Implants Advantages

Less Time and Money

Mini Dental Implants  save you time and  by reducing the time it takes for the implants to heal. Our single doctor model….

Less Invasive Procedure

Mini Dental Implants are designed to reduce the amount of bone needed to place the implants in your jaw bone…

Less Healing Time

Mini Dental Implants can be placed in most cases without having to create a surgical flap in the  gum to expose the bone. This reduces the need for sutures…

More Financing Options

We offer several options to finance your procedure. This makes it affordable to regain your smile again

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