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Benefits of Dental Implants

Higher Self-Confidence GreenMini dental implants have many advantages over traditional dental implants. Our mini dental implants:

Minimally Invasive.

Mini implants use only a small pilot hole for placement. This causes smaller stress on the bone and soft tissue than a conventional implant, which involves extensive surgery and bone grafts.

Are Faster Healing.

Because placing the smaller diameter mini implant does not require bone removal, healing time is minimal, usually days. When bone is removed to place larger implants healing time takes months and months.

Create Less Discomfort.

Minimal to no surgery to the gums, bone and underlying tissue means less discomfort. Many patients need only over-the-counter pain medication after placing mini implants.

Take Less Time.

The dentist often installs the replacement tooth or dentures immediately after the mini implant placement. Most procedures, including anchoring dentures, are completed in one visit.

Need Less Bone.

Mini dental implants are often placed where there is little bone. This significantly decreases the need for costly bone grafts often used when large dental implants are placed.

Work for Small Teeth.

Mini implants work ideally where there is less bone thickness and space. Since mini dental implants are much smaller in diameter and length, they will fit securely in narrow or thinner bone. Bone grafting is required for larger diameter implants where the bone is narrow or thin.

Olathe,  KS Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant Centers of America, Kansas City provide Olathe, KS dental implants. We are located in Overland Park, KS and serve the areas of Kansas City, MO, Prairie Village, Kansas and Johnson County, Kansas.